General Provisions

  1. By proceeding with the reservation, you further agree and acknowledge that if the reservation is accepted by the ECOGLAMP, your stay subsequently shall be subject to the Standard Terms and Conditions in respect of their reservation / stay at the Hotel.
  2. You further agree that the General Terms and Conditions as provided on the website constitute the binding agreement between yourself and Organic Hideaways Pvt Ltd in relation to any and all commercial arrangements including reservation, stay, payment, usage of facilities, etc. of whatsoever nature.
  3. The ECOGLAMP may, at its absolute discretion, cancel the reservation if the Hotel is of the opinion that the reservation information provided is falsified or incomplete.
  4. The guest voluntarily agrees and permits the ECOGLAMP representatives to profile the guest from the public domain to ascertain the details of the guest and render adequate hospitality services to them during their stay in glamping.
  5. The ECOGLAMP shall be entitled to vary, amend and/or otherwise change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
  6. You shall indemnify and hold the ECOGLAMP harmless in respect of any liability, loss, damage, cost and expense of any nature arising out of, and/or in connection with the acceptance of the reservation and your stay in the Hotel.
  7. The management of ECOGLAMP does not accept any liability for any failure to comply with these conditions where such failure is due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  8. If the ECOGLAMP waives any rights available to it under these conditions on one occasion, this does not mean that those rights will automatically be waived on any other occasion.
  9. Please contact at reservations@glampinginindia.inOr call us on 83770 04000 for any assistance.