Terms of Use

  • ECOGLAMP Standard Check-in time is 1400 hours IST and check-out time is 1200 hours.
  • Early check-in and late check-out are available on subject to availability and charges as applicable.
  • All standard policies pertaining to hotel/ hospitality industry are applicable, when specific reservation policy is not mentioned in the “Reservation Confirmation” document.
  • Do not use the guest tent/dome for purposes other than intended without authorization.
  • Do not light fire in the passage or guest rooms for heating or cooking.
  • To prevent fire, refrain from smoking in all the tents, and in any other places prone to catch fire.
  • The equipment and articles in guest tent/dome are strictly meant for the guests staying inside it. Hence, inside the guest rooms, use of such equipment and articles by outsiders is prohibited.
  • Be careful not to move the articles in the tent or guest rooms from their fixed places without permission.
  • Do not change the position of the gadgets and fixtures in guest rooms without permission.
  • Do not bring the following inside the hotel premises:
    a. Guns, swords, etc.
  • b. Explosives, or articles containing volatile oils that may ignite or catch fire
  • c. Any other articles that may pose a threat to the safety of other guests staying in the ECOGLAMP.

Do not scream, sing loudly, or create loud noises by any other actions inside the ECOGLAMP or guest tent/dome, as it may disturb or annoy other guests.